Lawrence Garcia Teaches Fighting Skills at Homeland Security Training

Lawrence Garcia, right, and Mauri Pierce demonstrating knife techniques at US Army Camp Atterburey. Courtesy photo  

Staff Report

Local Mix Martial Artist and Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) Full Instructor Lawrence Garcia recently attended an invitation only Military, Law Enforcement, Contractor (MALC) training by a division of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at U.S. Army Camp Atterbury in Indiana.  

He assisted in instructing the Edge Weapon and Hand to Hand Combat Program portion of this specialized training course. This high level training regimen consisted of shoulder to shoulder training with military personnel which included: sidearm and shotgun tactics, day and night shoots (room clearing), edged weapons, ASP-baton, standup, ground fighting and trauma procedures.

In addition, Garcia has also been attending specialized certification training (Edge Weapons) for Progressive Fighting Systems (PSF) instructors conducted by Paul Vunak, founder of PFS and trainer of US NAVY Seal Team 6. Currently Garcia is the only certified PFS instructor in N.M.

Progressive Fighting System (Martial Arts) classes are being taught at High Flyers Gymnastics at 7:30 pm Monday and Wednesday nights Garcia specializes in young adult students. New students may be interviewed before being accepted. Drop by for a free trial class or schedule a private lesson. This system encompasses Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Kali, MMA (Mix Martial Arts), and SEAL TEAM 6 combatives.This high-level training program have been used by  U.S. Navy SEAL teams, the FBI, DEA, and over 50 police departments across the country. These agencies all have one thing in common – very little time to allocate to defensive tactics training.

For more information on Progressive Fighting Systems (PFS) contact Lawrence Garcia at 505-450-2540, WWW.FIGHTING.NET .