LAVNS Celebrates 21 Years Of Hospice Care

Debbie Storms, Dr. Ross Bridge, Sande Cremer, April Cranmore, Collette Fordham, Pam Lee, Pauline Schneider and Deena Streit. Camera Shy: Kristi Bradshaw and Kristi Keffer. Photo by Debbie Weber
November is National Hospice Month. Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service Hospice Program is celebrating two decades of compassionate caring for patients.
“Several years ago my husband John Ledford was diagnosed with end-stage COPD, lung disease,” Tammy M. Thorn-Ledford said. “As the COPD progressed my husband John asked if he could die at home. My immediate concern was that I would have to go it alonea monumental taskbut a promise is a promise, and because of the caring folks at Los Alamos Visiting Nurse Service Hospice, John got his wish.
“My fears and concerns were put aside because of the nursing care John received from LAVNS. While in hospice care, John looked forward to the nursing visits with Deb Storms. The care he received from Dr. Bridge was wonderful, the spiritual guidance and help offered by Mrs. Bartram was great, but most of all the promise I made to John was made easier because of the care and attention that I received, too. LAVNS has the very best hospice care program.”
Individuals live their lives surrounded by people they love, and that is how they want to spend their final days – at home with familiar surroundings and loved ones.
Hospice patients are kept pain free and as comfortable as possible while on hospice so that they can make the most of time remaining to them.

“I think hospice care is one of the final and greatest gifts that we can give those we love,” said Debbie Storms, Director of Clinical Services and ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium) certified trainer.

Services are provided not just to the patient but the entire family. A multi-disciplinary team of highly trained professionals are available 24/7 to meet patient and family needs.
The hospice team includes Skilled Nurses, Medical Director (MD), Certified Home Health Aides, Medical Social Worker, Volunteer Coordinator, Bereavement Counselor, Chaplain, Music Therapist and volunteers.
To learn more about hospice care, call LAVNS at 505.662.2525.
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