Lauritzen: Life After 50 … Fall Prevention

Executive Director
Sept. 23 starts National Fall Prevention Week. While we’re not talking about falling in love, we are about to embark on a Senior Singles project, for those over 50.
Would you like to join us for Fun, Fellowship and Friendship, then you must be on our contact list to get the details. You can email the coordinator at Our first event starts on this afternoon.
Now, let’s get back to fall prevention. We’d like to remind adults that you should always start any program, after a discussion with your local doctor. A recent physical is important, too. When an individual has health information at their fingertips, it opens more opportunities.
This year, the American Occupational Therapy Association, AOTA, is celebrating 10 years, with resources available at It would be a good idea to check out information, before becoming an occupational therapy client. There are easy steps to take at age 30, to start a life of good fitness, that will benefit you in your 90’s.
The NCOA, or National Council on Aging is another resource for more information, than one could share in an article. We will have their guide for how caregivers can have the talk about falls with a friend or family member. They also offer six steps to prevent a fall. According to its website, “Every 11 seconds, an older adult is seen in an emergency department, for a fall related injury.” Often many simple things can be done to prevent injuries.
The Betty Ehart Senior Center is a great place to host some community friendly events. We’re here to assist, if you’re even thinking about attempting something new.
Monday, Sept. 23, the Director of our Day Out program, Laurie Hochhalter, will conduct a community chair exercise program. The class will begin at 10:30 a.m. and community members are welcome to give the free session a try. The exercises will take place while interested visitors are present. Staff will be available to assist and answer questions throughout the class.
During the week, resources will be available and can be sent to those unable to attend in person. A variety of home health care equipment, to assist in balance or post-surgery healing, can be borrowed from either center. These items include but are not limited to; wheelchairs, walkers, canes, rollators (a wheeled walker with a built-in seat), crutches, shower chairs, knee scooters, transfer boards, gait belts, toilet and shower chairs.
Thursday, Sept. 26, come on over for a brief trip to the Farmer’s Market. Senior Center staff will be happy to assist with helping you acquire pieces of equipment you’d like to try. You are welcome to stay indoors and practice, venture into the parking lot or head all the way over to the Farmer’s Market, located in the Mesa Public Library parking lot. That’s right, there’s no buying, just trying, borrow for as long as you need, then return it when you’re ready or trade in in for something next level.