Laura McClellan Best Predictor In Tuesday’s Pace Race

ACRR News:

Thirty-two runners and walkers enjoyed a beautiful evening jaunt on one mile or three mile courses on Barranca Mesa and in Bayo Canyon.

Laura McClellan was the best predictor for the long course, on which runners ran around Barranca Mesa Elementary School and then down the horse trail into Bayo Canyon to the point and back Gonzales Road to Barranca School. She was off her prediction by just 8 seconds over the three miles.

Nikol Strother was the second best predictor at 11 seconds off and was the first female finisher of the three mile course with a time of 22:20. Ted Romero was the third best predictor with a delta time of 28 seconds and he was the fastest runner on the long course at 22:00. Other runners whose predictions were less than a minute off were Linda Vance and Tamara Jurado at 45 seconds off and Jessica Baumgaertel at 53 seconds.

On the short (one mile) course, Tom Sandford had the best prediction only being off by 15 seconds (normalized to the three mile course). Duane Marr had the second best prediction of only 39 seconds off followed by Mariela Saenz at 45 seconds off and she was the first finisher with a time of 9:15 and Bob Weeks was the only other runner whose prediction was less than a minute off, at 51 seconds fast.

The one-mile course was fairly flat and fast, so many runners came in well ahead of their predictions. Most of the three mile runners beat their predictions in spite of the steep switchback required to get out of the canyon back onto Barranca Mesa.

Next week’s pace race begins at 6 p.m. at the Canyon Rim Trail Head across from the Co+op Market. One to three mile courses will be offered. Call 505.672.1639 or visit, for more information.