Last Aspen Elementary Portable Hauled Away

The last portable is hauled away this week from Aspen Elementary School. Courtesy photo


LAPS Superintendent

Jaynes Construction Supervisor Sam Burns guides the last classroom portable Wednesday from Aspen Elementary School around 33rd Street toward Villa Street.

With construction of the newly completed school, 17 portables that once housed Aspen Elementary students for the past 14 months have been removed from the construction site. Over the past several weeks, commuters and motorists in the Aspen neighborhood have waited patiently while portables were moved to grounds opposite Los Alamos Middle School and adjacent to Chamisa Elementary School for temporary storage until the district decides the next school renovation or remodel project.

Aspen Elementary Principal Kathryn Vandenkieboom remarked, “We are so grateful for our permanent school. When I went out back the other day to look and they were gone, I was shocked that the space was so big. I’m so excited that the open space will become a soccer field and play space for children. We are so happy with the new school.”

Vandenkieboom went on to thank teachers, students and parents for their patience during the construction of the new school. She also commented the new playground facilities will be completed in the spring.