LAPS Thanks LANL For Successful Partnership

LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus

LAPS News:

LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus expresses heartfelt thanks to Los Alamos National Laboratory for anothersuccessful year of partnership.

Following are highlights of our combined accomplishments:

Los Alamos National Laboratory Employee Engagement in Los Alamos Public Schools

  • A total of 1,162 employee hours were provided to various STEM initiatives that support Los Alamos students and teachers
  • Five employees from Los Alamos National Laboratory employees supported Los Alamos High School’s Career Fair

Los Alamos National Laboratory High School Internship Program Presentation

The High School Internship Program provides qualified northern New Mexico high school seniors with an opportunity to develop skills and gain work experience while receiving exposure to a variety of career fields. This program provides employability skills and assists local high school students with the school-to-work transition. A presentation about the program was made at Los Alamos High School in February.

During the 2015-2016 school year, 40 students from Los Alamos High School were employed as interns at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Los Alamos National Security Program Sponsorships 

  • $3,000 in support of the Los Alamos Science Fair
  • $2,500 in support of the First Robotics Team
  • $12,000 was provided for the Community Internship Collaboration Program which was launched in partnership with the University of New Mexico-Los Alamos and the Small Business Development Center to help support the Los Alamos High School coordinator and student stipends.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Employees Scholarship Fund

The fund’s goal is to provide scholarships that support the students of northern New Mexico who are pursuing either two or four year degrees in fields that will serve the region. Each year scholarship contributions are made by Laboratory employees, retirees, and contractors and are matched with funds by Los Alamos National Security, LLC, the operator of the Laboratory.

Los Alamos Employees’ 2016 Scholarships were awarded to the following students at Los Alamos High School. The awards totaled $106,000:

  • Katherine Wang, Gold Scholar, $20,000
  • EliseAnneKoskelo, Silver Scholar, $10,000
  • Devon McCleskey, Silver Scholar, $ 10,000
  • Seng Heon (Victor), Domenici Scholar, $10,000
  • Connor Bailey, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Rebecca Cai, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Nikola Draganic, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Deanna Gutierrez, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • EunJin (Grace), Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Nicholas Koskelo, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Madeline Lockhart, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Michael Mallett, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • John Rees, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Isabelle Runde, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Rachel Wallstrom, Bronze Scholar, $5,000
  • Madison Foley, William & Gertrude Fradkin Memorial Scholarship, $1,000

Los Alamos National Laboratory Employee Giving Drives

Each year Laboratory employees donate funds and goods to support these activities.

  • School Supply Drive – A total of 83 backpacks filled with school supplies were provided to students within the Los Alamos School District for elementary and middle school students.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Laces Program – Twenty-five gift cards for the purchase of shoes ($25 value each) were distributed to your district for elementary and middle school students.

Education Programs/Competitions – Teachers and students participated in the following Laboratory-sponsored programs and competitions geared to support and stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and math.

  • Supercomputing Challenge, a program aimed at teaching students how to use powerful computers to analyze, model, and solve real world problems. Student teams from the following schools participated:
    • Aspen Elementary
    • Los Alamos High School
    • Mountain Elementary
    • Los Alamos Middle School

Regional Science Bowl, a fast-paced academic competition that tests students’ knowledge. The

  • following teams participated and placed:
    • Los Alamos High (1st place) – Competed at the National Science Bowl
    • Los Alamos Middle School (3rd place)
  • Electric Car Challenge, a competition that provides hands-onopportunity for middle school students to build battery-powered cars and race them for speed and performance.  
  • First Robotics, a competition where the rigors of science and technology are combined.
    • Los Alamos High School hosted a team that participatedcompetitions.
    • This team also demonstrated their robots at the RoboRAVE Rally Northern New Mexico in March.
  • Hour of Code, a program where students are introduced and encouraged to try computer programming for at least one hour. The purpose is to demystify code and show that anyone can learn. A total of 1,134 students from the following schools participated:
  • Aspen Elementary;
  • Barranca Mesa Elementary;
  • Chamisa Elementary;
  • Mountain Elementary; and
  • Pinon Elementary.