LAPS Superintendent Issues Letter to Community

Superintendent of Schools

Members of the Community,

We would like to update the community on the progress of the Aspen Elementary School project.

First, thanks to the efforts of Aspen school staff and Jaynes Construction Aspen School will start on time. School will begin Thursday, Aug. 14. We look forward to welcoming students and staff to the start of school. 

In an effort to reduce traffic, we ask parents to have their students ride the bus, or walk to school. Parents should be aware that not all construction issues may be resolved by Aug. 14, which may result in some traffic congestion and parking issues. 

Second, we appreciate the patience of our neighbors in the Aspen neighborhood as we work to resolve parking issues due to the renovation of the Aspen parking lot. We have asked our employees to be mindful of residents and to not park in the Villa cul-de-sac other than to unload materials today, tomorrow and over the weekend. Additionally, we have asked them to make sure they are not blocking driveways and that they park two car lengths from posted stop signs to mitigate safety concerns.

Our contractor, Jaynes Corporation, has indicated that if the weather cooperates they believe they will have the parking lot open by Monday, Aug 11, which should resolve neighborhood traffic concerns.

Third, we again want to thank the community at large for supporting the bond that is financing this project and is making this beautiful new school possible for Aspen students and staff. We look forward to sharing our new school with the entire community in the near future.