LAPS Salary Disparities Reflect Stipend Impact

Staff Report

As the 2015-16 school year gets underway, there begins a 3-year phased implementation of a new stipend procedure that is designed to align compensation with duty, responsibilities and requirements.

Stipends must meet the following criteria:

  • Added responsibilities and additional work;
  • Meet  Board Policy, State Statute and /or Federal requirements;
  • Is aligned to district/school/site strategic plans and instructional goals; or
  • Is directly related to district approved academic or athletic interscholastic activities.

Stipends can raise an employee’s salary and in some cases significantly. Work that is compensated by a stipend (paid hourly or otherwise) must be done outside of any regular contract hours and cannot overlap with other stipend work.

Salaries for public school employees are considered public record in accordance with the New Mexico Public Records Act. The salaries received by LAPS employees during the 2014 school year are listed below:


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