LAPS Review Of Employee Background Checks; Safety Procedures For Volunteers And School Visitors

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos Public Schools has conducted a review of hiring practices within the Human Resources Department and safety procedures for volunteers and visitors. 

Here is a summary of the findings:

Hiring Practices

  • As part of the application process, everyone interested in working for the Los Alamos Public Schools is required to sign under the following statement: I authorize Los Alamos Public Schools to conduct a reference and criminal background check and investigate all statements and information provided on the application. I understand the information is only for the use of the employer and search committee to whom it is mailed and not to be transferred to any other party. I understand that consideration for employment is conditional upon the results of a reference check and/or criminal background check.
  • Staff from the LAPS Human Resources Department have been trained on how to use the 3M Cogent System and fully participate in annual audits conducted by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Records Bureau.

Volunteers and School Visitors

  • All persons wishing to volunteer for LAPS are also required to submit to a criminal background check. 
  • All visitors to LAPS schools are required to check into the office and present their driver’s license. The license is submitted through the Raptor system. The Raptor security system screens against the company’s database of registered sex offenders. 
  • A “green light” from Raptor is required before visitors are issued a badge. The badge includes a photo, date, time and destination of the visitor. The software also screens for individuals who have restraining orders or custody issues preventing them from having contact with a student.

“The purpose is to keep our children safe and to know who’s coming into our buildings,” Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus said. “This background check system has elicited ‘a lot of positive feedback’ from staff and parents.”

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