LAPS Prevention Office Works With MADD Against Underage Drinking

LAPS News:

This week, the Los Alamos Public Schools Prevention Office hosted Mothers Against Drunk Drivers for some community education opportunities with more planned for next week.

Selena Hardy, a 2003 Los Alamos High School graduate and a program specialist for MADD-NM was on hand Tuesday and Wednesday with presentations for parents and hands on activities for youth.

Hardy shared her message about the program and trained school staff for an upcoming project to be done with local businesses. Ben Lewinger, the state executive director for MADD has been in the non-profit sector for 14 years with a special interest in youth development. His primary job with MADD is to be responsible for ensuring their office meets their mission and goals.

“I recognize the need in our community for this work, and see a strong correlation between our underage drinking prevention and adult DWI and am honored to have the opportunity to reduce needless suffering in our state,” Lewinger said.

Lewinger reminds parents that well into adulthood, parents are the number one model for good or bad behavior and decision making for their kids and it all starts with a good conversations.

April 21, Mothers Against Drunk Driving will host free online learning opportunities for parents, caregivers and anyone that works with youth. The 30-minute presentations are available at The public may also visit the MADD website and download a free handbook to help start the conversation. The booklet offers tips on how to start the conversation, points to make and pitfalls to avoid, when you do have the conversation. Their goal is to help adults open the dialogue about a 100 percent avoidable cause of death, drinking and driving.

The LAPS Prevention Office plans to conduct a Sticker Shock campaign with youth, working with Smith’s Food and Drug Stores, sometime during the week. Sticker Shock allows a grassroots, community education campaign to unfold, at the hands of youth and adults working together by adhering stickers on pre-packaged alcohol, to highlight New Mexico laws.

“I admire the outlets that choose to participate because I think it’s a perfect example of community involvement, at a business level,” Lewinger said.

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