LAPS On Budget Cuts And State Solvency Package

LAPS News:

With several line-item vetoes, the Governor has signed the FY17 Legislative Solvency Package. The estimated LAPS budget impact for this school year includes:

Budget Cuts from the Special Legislative Session in November 2016

  • Operational – $405,880
  • Transportation – $78,217 
  • Instructional Materials – $27,539

Budget Cut from the January 2017 Legislative Solvency Package, Senate Bill 114

  • Operational – $528,682 (estimated)

The total cut for Los Alamos Public Schools in the 2016-17 school year is an estimated $1,040,318.

School Board President Jim Hall said, “It is a shame that our careful fiscal planning and maintenance of strong reserves has been punished with a cut of over one million dollars in this fiscal year.”

The School Board will be working with staff to identify costs savings in areas that do not impact the classroom and student learning. The focus continues to be on what is best for students and families in Los Alamos.