LAPS Marches In Anti Bullying Walk

LAPS partnered with Pojoaque and Española schools Saturday for the Best Friends Walk Together Anti Bullying Walk. Courtesy/Valley Daily Post

LAPS News:

October is National Bullying Prevention Month and Wednesday, Oct. 21 is Unity Day: Together Against Bullying — United for Kindness Acceptance Inclusion. 

Los Alamos Public Schools employees and students care deeply about safe and supportive schools and communities. To show support, we invite you to wear orange on Wednesday to send a message of hope and unity. If you do not have orange clothes, no problem — look for orange ribbons, stickers, or yarn. 

As part of our awareness campaign, Los Alamos Public Schools partnered with Pojoaque and Española schools for Best Friends Walk Together Anti Bullying Walk. The event, held last Saturday, was well-attended and supported the ideas of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

With all the momentum generated on Saturday, LAPS is sending this reminder that bullying prevention is everyone’s responsibility and is important every day of the year.  The effective education of our students requires a school environment where every student and staff member feels safe and secure. 

Learning and using a common definition of bullying is part of the campaign. Bullying is defined as intimidating or offensive verbal or physical conduct toward a person when such conduct is habitual or recurring, including threats and name-calling. The Los Alamos School Board adopted a policy reinforcing their commitment to maintaining an environment conducive to learning where students are safe from violence, threats, name-calling, intimidation, bullying and unlawful harassment. This applies to all methods of delivery including written or electronic media and applies to incidents any part of which may occur on school property, buses, or at school-sponsored events (LAPS Policy 5152).

When bullying occurs, students in Los Alamos are taught to Stop, Walk, and Talk:

  • Stop – Tell the person to stop, use the time out sign and say “I don’t like that” or “Leave me alone.” Look out for each other and use the time out sign when you observe others saying or doing things that are not kind.   
  • Walk – If the person continues the problem behavior walk away. People who pick on others want attention. Don’t give it to them. 
  • Talk – If the problem behavior continues tell a teacher or another adult. The hope is to teach students resiliency and skills to stand up for themselves and use their voices to make a difference. We also want students to stick up for each other.

The Los Alamos schools are committed to bullying prevention and a comprehensive approach to addressing bullying and cyber-bullying. LAPS is working with students, staff, families, law enforcement agencies, and the community to prevent issues of violence and bullying.