LAPS Healthy Schools Initiative And JJAB Host SCREENAGERS: Growing Up In The Digital Age

LAPS News:

The Los Alamos Public Schools’ Healthy Schools Initiative and JJAB are excited to bring the film SCREENAGERS to the community during the first week of May to kick off Mental Health Awareness Month.

SCREENAGERS is the first feature documentary to explore the impact of screen technology on kids and to offer parents proven solutions that work. One of the goals of the Healthy Schools Initiative is to raise awareness about the challenges families face and to offer opportunities for community members and school staff to discuss ways to support the well-being of our youth.

The public is invited to attend a FREE screening of the film at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 3 at Piñon Elementary School or 7 p.m. Thursday, May 4 at the Reel Deal Theater. The Youth Mobilizers will host a teen viewing of the film at 4:30 p.m. Friday, May 5 at the Los Alamos Teen Center. A short discussion will follow each showing. The film is recommended for adults and kids ages 10 and above.


Physician and filmmaker, Delaney Ruston decided to make SCREENAGERS when she found herself constantly struggling with her two kids about screen time. Ruston felt guilty and confused, not sure what limits were best, especially around mobile phones, social media, gaming, and how to monitor online homework. Hearing repeatedly how other parents were equally overwhelmed, she realized this is one of the biggest, unexplored parenting issues of our time.

Director Ruston turned the camera on her own family and others—revealing stories that depict messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and Internet addiction. Examples of stories include Hannah, a 14-year-old old victim of social media bullying that stemmed from her trying to hide her use of social media from her mom.

Issues are different for boys and girls, and the film also follows Andrew’s story, a straight-A student whose love of video games spins out of control when he goes off to college and lands in an Internet rehab center.

Interwoven into these stories are cutting edge science and insights from thought leaders such as Peggy Orenstein, Sherry Turkle, Simon Sinek, as well as leading brain scientists who present evidence on real changes happening in the brain. SCREENAGERS goes far beyond exposing the risks of screen time, revealing multiple approaches on how parents and educators can work with kids to help them achieve a healthy amount of screen time.

The trailer for the film can be viewed at

The Healthy Schools Initiative is dedicated to supporting staff and student well-being through school-based programs, professional support, and community outreach and engagement.

Los Alamos JJAB is a nonprofit organization providing programs, activities and services to youth and families in Los Alamos. JJAB is recognized both within Los Alamos County and throughout the state of New Mexico as a leader in prevention and intervention initiatives for youth.  


“Screenagers is a very balanced, sympathetic and sane look at the way millions of teens are struggling with phones and games and technology in general. In part by letting the teens themselves speak about their own concerns and solutions. Screenagers is deeply affecting, too.” –Dave Eggers,  Author

“My husband and I have just been very concerned about this issue for some time, and as I’m a geneticist at UCSF Children’s Hospital Oakland, I’m very interested in the science behind it. The film is first rate- you’ve made a REMARKABLE piece: thoughtful, provocative and beautifully filmed and edited.” –Beth T., Geneticist at UCSF Children’s Hospital

“Just wanted you to know that your movie has the attention of most of the important people in my community. You have conquered Marin! It’s making a huge buzz…” –Michelle G., Educator, Parenting Coach & Mindfulness Educator

“I got my daughter’s feedback on the movie and I want to thank you and your team! She learned a lot and has requested restrictions on her phone usage. I’m really happy for you and the success of this project and grateful for its impact!!” –Amy S. School Administrator

“I think this is the most important and rewarding film that has immediately useful and beneficial information for all of us … I would like to see this film shown in every school. Then let’s have the discussion on how do we talk with one another and understand the world today.” –Kit Burns, Father, Tacoma, Wash.