LAPS Foundation Sends Teacher To Writing Conference

Julie Parkinson is seen here assisting a student with a paper; the two are seated at one of the Writing Lab’s new desks. Courtesy photo


Funded by a grant from the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation, Los Alamos High School Writing Center Instructor and In-School Tutor Julie Parkinson joined a large contingency of English teachers and educators from across the country for the annual Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  

Held during the week of March 18 in Tampa, Fla., this event, sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), included concurrent sessions and workshops focusing on all aspects of writing. CCCC supports and promotes the teaching and study of composition and communication. Parkinson indicated that the workshops and sessions she attended will improve her ability to effectively teach and support students at the high school.  

At the conference, Parkinson said she learned how Writing Marathons can help students become more confident in their writing abilities and cultivate a sense of ownership in composition development.

Additionally, it was reinforced to attendees that style in composition allows the students’ personal ideas and concepts to be expressed more easily. After attending a session on this subject, Parkinson believes it is important to help students develop a sense of style in their writing through rhetoric and other literary devices.  

Overall, going to the NCTE Conference was a big boost for Parkinson. “It was exhilarating to feel the energy and excitement about teaching English concepts that I got at this conference!” she said “What a fabulous event!”
In addition to attending the conference, Parkinson is excited that the grant funds allowed for the purchase of new desks for some of the computer stations in the Writing Center.

“The desks I had were for short people – students were always bumping their knees on the unnecessary shelf that is hidden under the desktop,” Parkinson said. “The new desks are much more comfortable.”

Because of the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation’s grant, the LAHS Writing Center continues to be a valuable and comfortable place for students to improve their writing skills and enhance their education.

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