LAPS Food Service Manager Wins Award


Ian Tillotson of Summit Foods can add award winner to the menu as he rocks the school cafeteria each day.

The Los Alamos Public Schools food service manager served up a meal for Thanksgiving prior to the break, but he is the one who is thankful.

“I received the Client Recognition Award for exceptional service,” Tillotson said.

This was his second award in just three years with Summit Foods in Los Alamos. He was thankful because that award comes directly from a client. The company uses nominations and surveys sent to all 260 accounts to determine the recipients of the award. This year, there were only 29 recipients of this award throughout the company.

Tillotson accepted the award at an annual company conference in Minnesota, but doesn’t do so without giving a nod to the hard work dedication and willingness of his staff, to meet the needs of students.

“My staff is the reason I am able to do what I do, they give me the opportunity to meet the needs of our clients,” Tillotson said.

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