LAPS: Calling All Volunteers!

LAPS Volunteer Program Coordinator Samantha Lippard. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

Los Alamos Public Schools is launching the LAPS Volunteer Program with the help of Volunteer Coordinator Samantha Lippard. The goal is to connect members of the community with opportunities in the schools where they can share their expertise, lend a helping hand in the classroom or mentor students.

Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Lippard to find the perfect volunteer opportunity and she will coordinate with teachers and staff to find the best placement for the benefit of students. Lippard can be reached at 505.663.2222 or

The three main categories of volunteering are tutoring and mentoring, short-term assistance and long-term help. Tutoring and mentoring will focus on semi-frequent visits to school sites where the volunteer is paired with a student who has been identified by a teacher and guidance counselor as needing some extra help socially or academically.

Short-term assistance is for volunteers who want to aid the schools in special events like spelling bees, science fairs, school carnivals, etc. These volunteers will help the events run smoothly, which ensures that students are able to enjoy and learn from the experience as much as possible. This category would also include opportunities for classroom “guest lectures” from volunteers who want to share their expertise in their field. These opportunities are ideal for those that want to help out, but are unable to commit to a schedule.

Finally, long-term volunteers would aid teachers at regularly scheduled times. These tasks could range from reading to students at a scheduled time, helping supervise science experiments or assisting during particularly intensive projects.

Have an idea for a volunteer opportunity? Feel free to suggest creative ideas; no job is too big or too small. A goal of the volunteer program is to find a place where all volunteers feel they are being fully utilized in their positions.

Students are also encouraged to volunteer. Volunteering for LAPS is a great way for students to connect with their community and grow a deeper appreciation for the work of the faculty and staff at their school. Students will be able to choose what type of volunteering they are most comfortable with and work around their school schedules.

It is not required to have a student enrolled in the school system in order to volunteer. For first time volunteers, please anticipate a two week processing period in order to complete the appropriate security checks. Currently active volunteers may continue with their established schedule with school staff, but can contact Lippard for any future placements.

Superintendent Kurt Steinhaus said: “We already have many wonderful volunteers in the Los Alamos schools. This is an opportunity for expansion and better coordination. He looks forward to watching the program grow as we connect people and organizations within the community who might have never met otherwise. Steinhaus hopes to strengthen the Los Alamos community as a whole.

For those interested, contact Samantha at or 505.663.2222. Lippard also welcomes face-to-face chats at the LAPS Administration building at 2075 Trinity Dr.