LAPD Warns Public About Phone Scams

LAPD News:

The Los Alamos Police Department continues to advise and warn Los Alamos residents about phone scams.

In the recent months, many residents have reported being contacted by telephone from different companies, representatives and governments. During the contacts, callers have asked for various types of personal information to include but not limited to, social security numbers, dates of birth, banking account numbers and credit or debit card numbers.

LAPD urges residents to be cautious when giving this sensitive information to unconfirmed callers. Most legitimate businesses or governments typically do not to ask for this information but in some cases they might, considering who the caller is and for what reason they might need it.

If in doubt and before you give this information out, seek advice from your bank or financial account representative(s). If this is not possible or did not seem to help answer any questions or address any concerns, contact the Los Alamos Police Department at 505.662.8222, and ask to speak to an officer.