LAPD Provides Tips For Parents To Help Ensure Children’s Safety To And From School

LAPD News:

Earlier this week three elementary students in Los Alamos were reported missing after school. All were located and united with their parents.

The Los Alamos Police Department is encouraging parents to ensure their children’s safety to and from school.

LAPD recommends that if their children are using the Atomic City Buses for school transportation, that the parents ride with their children on the bus for a couple of days to ensure the kids know where to get on and off the buses and which buses to transfer to. 

This is very important for new time riders to the Atomic City Bus system, as the routes can be confusing for young children.

Please remind your children about basic bus/traffic safety; it is imperative that children look both ways before crossing the street and are aware of their surroundings. It is recommended that parents convey to their children that if their child does not feel comfortable riding the bus, to stay at school and wait for their ride to come pick them up.

Parents, we recommend you teach your children your names, so when asked by public safety officials who their parents are, the response is not mom and dad. Putting a list of names and phones numbers in a child’s backpack is another way to expedite the process of reuniting a lost child with their parents.   

Also, it would be a good idea to teach your children that if they are lost or do not know where to go, to go back to their respective school and find a teacher or principal.

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