LANL’s Radical Supercomputing: Extreme Speeds, Big Data, Powerful Simulations


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Radical Supercomputing: Extreme speeds, big data, powerful simulations

See how Los Alamos National Laboratory’s technology is pushing supercomputing to new frontiers … why we do it … and how the Laboratory supports its extreme requirements.

  • Hollywood produces simulations that appear to be real and do not need to reflect reality. Los Alamos scientists—working in weapons, HIV, new materials, climate modeling, and many other research areas—must produce a high-resolution representation of real events, as nature would unfold them.

  • To achieve the highest fidelity simulations possible, LANL uses the largest computers available and generate big data at an ever increasing scale.

  • Sustaining an exponentially larger computer complex to provide continuous service and accurate data is a serious challenge for Los Alamos’ computer technicians and planners.

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