LANL Scientist Jonathan Dowell Discusses Lighthouse Directional Radiation Detector During Science On Tap

Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Jonathan Dowell presented the talk, ‘Simple sophistication: Detecting radiation one beam at a time’ Monday evening at UnQuarked in Central Park Square. Like its namesake, the lighthouse directional radiation detector is all about maintaining a safe distance from harm. Whether the goal is confirming absence of radioactive materials or tracking them, the latest engineering innovation by Dowell and his colleagues brings a radiation-detection tool with immense potential to keep workers and the public safe. Dowell discussed the peanut butter jar-sized detector, its multi-environment capabilities, and how it’s poised to change the world of radiation detection. An R&D 100 finalist for 2018, the detector has real world applications including use in hospitals, with HAZMAT robots and at universities to name a few. Courtesy photo