LANL Experts To discuss ‘The Science Of Vintage Space’ On Santa Fe Institute Panel 4:15-5:15 P.M. June 15

Norris Bradbury, left, in front of the Kiwi B4-A reactor used to power a nuclear rocket in the 1960s as part of Project Rover. Courtesy/LANL


LANL News:


Los Alamos National Laboratory will host a panel at the Santa Fe Institute’s InterPlanetary Festival about the Science of Vintage Space June 15 in Santa Fe.


The event is free and open to the public.


Both current and retired experts from the Laboratory will talk about the critical role LANL played in the early days of the space race, such as developing sensors for satellites to detect nuclear explosions in space that resulted in the discovery of gamma-ray bursts and insights into solar storms.


Panelists also will talk about how LANL’s expertise in all things nuclear led to the development of nuclear-powered rockets (such as Project Rover) and nuclear fuel for spacecraft, as well as today’s development of nuclear reactors for powering future space colonies.


The panel will include Alan Carr, Ed Fenimore, Herb Funsten, Jackie Lopez-Barlow and Morrie Pongratz:

  • When: June 15, 4:15-5:15 p.m.
  • Where: The SITE Auditorium, 1606 Paseo De Peralta, Santa Fe.


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