LANL Director, Local Officials React To LANL M&O Contract Award To Triad National Security

Los Alamos Daily Post

Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Terry Wallace reacted Friday morning to the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration announcement that it has awarded the $2.5 billion management and operating contract for the Lab to Triad National Security, LLC.

“We are committed to working with the new management team to ensure a transition that is as seamless as possible,” Wallace said. “While the contract change will bring in a new team of parent companies, the Laboratory’s mission remains the same: to serve the nation in the tradition of excellence that has defined Los Alamos for the last 75 years.”

Los Alamos County Councilor Vice Chair and Democratic nominee for House District 43 Chris Chandler said she looks forward to working with the new Lab management contractor to ensure that its mission remains strong and its workforce is treated fairly during the transition.

“I am certain that the management team understands its role in sustaining the county’s ability to provide the infrastructure and amenities needed to attract the best and brightest lab employees,” she said.

 A news release from County Council Chair David Izraelevitz said the County looks forward to working with Triad.

“The County will assist Triad National Security through the transition and looks to collaborate to ensure that the County’s support of the LANL mission continues without interruption,” he stated in the release. “If Triad National Security claims it is exempt from New Mexico gross receipts taxes, it will impact government services in the State and County.  Although Triad National Security is organized as a nonprofit corporation, this does not imply that it is exempt from New Mexico taxes. We call on Triad National Security not to request such a New Mexico tax exemption.”

In conclusion, the release states that the County looks forward to a productive dialogue with Triad National Security “to resolve this and any other transition issues, to ensure that LANL can continue to fulfill its national security mission unimpeded”.

Izraelevitz told the Los Alamos Daily Post that on a personal basis, he is excited that the University of California is continuing its involvement with the Lab because the science mission was always strongly performed by UC. He said Texas A&M University has an excellent nuclear engineering program and expertise.

“We have communicated to all the contract bidders the importance of the County and state tax receipts for performing all the support functions that we provide. This will be the first of the important topics we will be discussing with Triad,” Izraelevitz said.

Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Chair Henry Roybal said that as chair he is happy to see the contract announcement.

“I am looking forward to cooperating with Triad for the benefit of all the Coalition’s Northern New Mexico communities,” he said.

Triad National Security, LLC is a limited liability company, which consists of Battelle Memorial Institute, the Regents of the University of California, and the Regents of Texas A&M University.  NNSA officials announced that Fluor Federal Services, Huntington Ingalls Industries/Stoller Newport News, Longenecker & Associates, TechSource, Strategic Management Solutions and Merrick & Company will support Triad in the performance of the contract. The contract includes a five-year base with five one-year options, for a total of 10 years if all options are exercised.