LANL And Sandia Announce Leveraged Small Business Projects To Receive Free Technical Assistance

NMSBA Principal Investigator James Barefield from LANL’s Chemistry Division is getting ready to use a portable, backpack-mounted Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy system to measure the distribution of carbon in soils at a New Mexico farm. Courtesy/LANL


The New Mexico Small Business Assistance (NMSBA) program, a joint effort of the Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories with support from the State of New Mexico, announced the leveraged-project winners for calendar year 2015 on Nov. 18.

Leveraged projects allow multiple small businesses that share technical challenges to request national laboratory assistance collectively. Funding ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 per project.

Thirteen teams of small businesses, along with their proposed principal investigator from either Los Alamos or Sandia, gave presentations in early November to the NMSBA Advisory Council, which evaluated the projects based on the potential for growth of the small business, application of unique laboratory expertise and impact on the New Mexico economy.

The following leveraged projects were selected to receive assistance from Los Alamos in 2015:

  • BioStim, Inc. and SIVI, LLC, both of Los Alamos County, along with two algae growers from Santa Fe County and two consulting firms from Bernalillo County, will receive support in investigating their technology for stimulating the productivity of algal cultures.
  • Creative C, LLC (Los Alamos County), Materials Design, Inc. (Colfax County) and Aquila Technologies (Bernalillo County) will receive assistance in benchmarking the performance of their advanced computing systems in the field of materials science.
  • CUB, Inc., AMENERGY, Inc. and Amethyst Electric, Inc., all of Santa Fe County, and Southwest Solar Products of Sandoval County, will be helped with advice on control-system architecture for their critical utility products, which are designed for use in military and emergency-response applications.
  • Eaton Farms, Willie Hernandez Farm, Alvarez Farms, Ludwig Farms and Martinez Hay and Cattle, all of Doña Ana County, will receive support in evaluating the use of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to improve their sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Himalaya Corporation, a land company from Bernalillo County, and WindForce, Inc., a renewable energy developer from Santa Fe County, along with three ranchers in Quay, Curry and De Baca Counties, will receive assistance in producing and evaluating an automated renewable-energy site assessment tool.
  • Lightning Dock Geothermal and several consulting and construction businesses from Hidalgo, Sandoval and Santa Fe Counties will be assisted in designing and performing a reactive tracer test in the hopes of expanding operations at a geothermal plant in the southern part of the state.
  • Metallicum, Inc. and B6 Sigma, Inc., both of Santa Fe County, will be assisted in evaluating the growth of bone-forming cells on nanostructured titanium with and without special surface treatment.
  • New Water Innovations (Santa Fe County) and Vibrantcy (Bernalillo County) will be assisted in evaluating a water-saving water treatment technology for use in eliminating scaling problems in cooling towers.

For further information on the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program, consult the NMSBA website. Requests for individual technical assistance are accepted year-round.

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