LANB Announces New EMV Chip Debit Cards

LANB News:

Los Alamos National Bank is pleased to announce our partnership with MasterCard®, a proven community bank supporter, committed to providing state-of-the-art EMV chip technology. EMV stands for Europay®, MasterCard®, and VISA®, the three companies that originally created the microchip card standard.  The new LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card is embedded with a microchip, and will replace your current LANB VISA® Debit Card. The new LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card offers robust security features for added protection anywhere you use your card. 

Your LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card will have a new card number, and will  be mailed to you in the coming months. Activation instructions will be included in the card mailer for your reference when your new card arrives.

Your new LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card will maintain the same functionality as your LANB VISA® Debit Card, but with added security features. To use your LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card, simply insert your card at the chip-enabled terminal and follow the prompts to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN).  The chip embedded cards can still be used at point of sale terminals, ATMs, and anywhere MasterCard® is  accepted. If a merchant is not EMV enabled, you may continue to swipe your card and sign or enter your PIN information.

For convenience, the PIN associated with your current LANB VISA® Debit Card will remain the same for your new LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card.

Your existing LANB VISA® Debit Card will remain active through the holidays. Please note that it will be deactivated in early January, 2017.


If you have automatic payments linked to your current LANB VISA® Debit Card, please provide your new LANB EMV MasterCard® Debit Card credentials to the merchants authorized to withdraw funds.  Please reestablish payments as soon as possible after receiving and activating your new card in order to avoid rejected payments and possible late charges.

Your existing purchase limits and ATM cash withdrawal limits will not change.

EMV Microchip Card Features:

Advanced Technology
When you use a card with an embedded microchip, it is difficult for fraudsters to duplicate your information.

Greater Security
Each chip transaction generates dynamic data, making the transactions much more difficult to replicate.

Improved Identity Theft Protection
The EMV chip card is difficult to counterfeit, providing enhanced identity theft protection.