LAMS Art Projects Celebrate Peace And Friendship

Middle school student Celeste Chandler works on her project for Pinwheels for Peace. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen


Los Alamos Middle School teacher Laura Parkison recently brought real life, world events into the classroom through art recently.

Pinwheels for Peace and friendship bracelets were two projects done by middle school students, during the week of Sept. 11.

“The friendship bracelets are a part of our textiles and fiber arts unit, and I timed it so that they tied in with the Pinwheels for Peace,” Parkison said. “I have seen several students wearing their bracelets, and many students made more than one to give away.”

Parkison gently touched on her experience as a high school student at the time of the Sept. 11 attacks with her classes. Her students at the time were just infants, unaware of the peril that struck the United States that is memorialized today, in magnitude of ways.

According to Parkison, Pinwheels for Peace is a worldwide initiative to celebrate the International Day of Peace, which took place this past weekend. Parkison does the project yearly with her students Sept. 11, to mark the remembrance and International Peace Day, throughout the month of September.

The Hawks are headed for a recycled crafts unit next, trying some paper crafts, and indulging in printmaking with a variety of materials and techniques. 

“I am thrilled to be teaching middle school again,” Parkison said. “It is a great time when students are excited to explore new things, and they are ready for bigger challenges than they were as elementary students.”

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