LAMC’s ED Changes Enhance Patient Care

Director Lori Coffelt of the LAMC Emergency Department

LAMC News:

A native of Los Alamos, Registered Nurse Lori Coffelt has worked at Los Alamos Medical Center for 33 years, and the last 29 years have been spent working in the emergency room.

Now, as Director of the LAMC Emergency Department, she has overseen many changes in the last year. She credits the talented and seasoned nursing staff and their ability to work with the new medical group, Emergent Medical Associates (EMA), with the improvement in services.  

“EMA brings a desire to improve our patient care experience and help with staff education. I have seen an improvement in our team as a whole, working together to give the best care to our patients.  As our patient census increases the team just keeps giving their best, because for them it is all about the patient care,” Coffelt said. “I am so proud of them.”

Coffelt also explained that LAMC is now taking patients requiring more care, and “having Classic Air Medical onsite has dramatically improved efficiency in the transition of care for these critical patients. We have been working to build a strong collaboration with our EMS service, Los Alamos Fire Department, which helps make for cohesive care of the patient,” she said. “These efforts are culminating in better care and better outcomes for patients.”

Dr. Josiah Child, LAMC Medical Director for the Emergency Department

Dr. Josiah Child, Medical Director for the Emergency Department, has recruited physicians who are invested in this community, he said.

“We have been blessed with a positive reputation in the community and so are seeing patients travel from ever greater distances to be seen here,” Child said. “We have put a great deal of effort into improving our cultural awareness so we can best serve the diverse population of patients we are seeing. In addition, we are fortunate to have a highly skilled nursing staff that has enabled us to care for more complex patients and in greater numbers than had previously been seen in this Department.”

Child also spends many hours throughout the hospital providing education and supporting other providers.

“In today’s world of electronic communication, professional relationships can easily become splintered,” he said. “We have been very fortunate to receive tremendous support from the medical staff and administration at Los Alamos. We value these relationships deeply and I believe this has a tangible impact of the level of care we are able to provide.”