LAMC Hosts M.A.S.H. Program For Area Students

Flight Nurse Rachel Medvin goes over the items in the medic pack used on Classic Air Medical during the Los Alamos Medical Center hosted Multiple Avenues for Successful Healthcare (M.A.S.H.) two-day program June 10-11. The goal of the program for upcoming high school juniors and seniors in the area is to expose local students to the multiple career opportunities available in their hometown hospital. This program involves interactive work including a CPR class and other activities. Students are exposed to multiple staff members and departments, as well as physician and clinical speakers in the course of this program. Photo by John McHale/

LAMC employees put much work into creative and interesting healthcare related scenarios and experiences for the student. Students participating in this year’s program include Malik Abouda, Sydney Favorite, Sruthi Garimella, Sage Harding, Anthony Harvey, Devan Mayfield, Mark Meana, Oscar Meana, Elise Olivas, Alyssa Parker, Allison Peterson, Ryan Schwarzkopf, Hunter Swavely and Jacqueline Swensen. Photo by John McHale/

Students gather at the helicopter pad behind LAMC where they were familiarized with the medical capabilities available to patients transported the Classic Air Medical helicopter. Photo by John McHale/

Flight Nurse Keith Lepsch explains the medical equipment on board the helicopter. Photo by John McHale/

Seen from the M.A.S.H. program June 11 hosted by LAMC. Photo by John McHale/

Seen from the M.A.S.H. program June 11 hosted by LAMC. Photo by John McHale/

Students practice CPR during the M.A.S.H. program at LAMC. Photo by John McHale/