LAMC Executive Team Washes Contest Winner’s Truck

During Hospital Week this year Los Alamos Medical Center held a trivia contest for staff with the winner receiving a car or truck wash from the LAMC Executive Team. IT Director Rob Mullikin won the contest. To fulfill their commitment, Chief Executive Officer John Whiteside, left, Chief Nursing Officer Sharon Radcliffe and Chief Financial Officer Jim McGonnell spent a portion of Wednesday morning washing and shining Mullikin’s truck. Courtesy photo

CNO Sharon Radcliffe makes sure CEO John Whiteside keeps cool under the hot sun and a rubber froggy keeps him safe from any possibilty of drowning during the truck washing event Wednesday behind LAMC. Courtesy photo

Contest winner IT Director Rob Mullikin and colleague Tara Johnson relax in chairs under the cool shade to ‘supervise’ the truck washing operation. Courtesy photo

From left, CEO John Whiteside, CFO Jim McGonnell and CNO Sharon Radcliffe are coming down the homestretch of their truck washing adventure Wednesday morning behind LAMC. Courtesy photo

Standing next to his freshly washed truck, IT Director Rob Mullikin, left, gives the thumbs up on a job well done to the LAMC Executive Team, CEO John Whiteside with his rubber froggy, CFO Jim McGonnell and CNO Sharon Radcliffe. Courtesy photo