LAMC Employees Support One Of Their Own

Baked goods. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos

The definition of community varies from time to time throughout one’s life. Your community might be the block you live on, the people you associate with in social arenas and the community defined by your work relationships.

That community for Valencia Jenkins, a nurse at Los Alamos Medical Center, was her fellow workers as they turned out to support the jolly Jenkins, in her time of need, with a bake sale.

Jenkins was doing a good deed for her father in September when she found herself in need not only of nursing care, but months of recovery. As she was covering her father’s boat before winter with a tarp, she soon discovered that she just wasn’t tall enough to reach the bow. She stepped up on the trailer for just a minute, somehow lost her footing and fell, splitting her leg open and to the literal bone, on the way down.

Jenkins also is the care taker of her 83-year-old father, who has Parkinson’s. “I have the sweetest father even give to a daughter,” Jenkins said.

She spent many sleepless nights wondering how she would make ends meet, if that meant being out of work. She soon blew through her paid time off and still had a long healing road ahead of her. Her injury followed with a multitude of medical terminology including severe nerve damage, infection, a surgery to remove dead tissue and many visits to her care physician to change dressings.

The Los Alamos Medical Center staff found time to moonlight as bakery assistants and rallied a bake sale for Jenkins and her doting dad. While the financial aid helped tremendously, the help healed her aching heart most. “I want to thank the community of Los Alamos, LAMC employees and administration, auxiliary and everyone who reached out and supported me emotionally, and financially through the bake sale,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins was touched deeply by the outpouring of concern from her co-workers, donating their time, talent and money to aid a fellow employee. She is now well on the mend with her original schedule of three times per week doctor visits down to weekly. She looks forward to getting back to taking care of others and adding to her three years with LAMC.

“I look forward to returning to work at the first of the year,” she said. “Many thanks to all and I am counting my many blessings.”

Los Alamos Medical Center demonstrated that their mission and their “high fives,” hold true. They create a place where employees want to work, creating excellent places for them.