LAHS Students Thank Metzger’s Mobile Employees

LAHS students thank Metzger’s employees. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen
“Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you.” Mother Teresa 
Sometimes we think that teenagers today don’t notice the little things, but recently the students of Los Alamos High School, not only noticed, but took the time to say thank you, in a variety of ways.
As Metzger’s employees wrapped up their time across the street from LAHS, the students sent them off with a thank you card, small token of their appreciation and a fond farewell surprise visit in late September.
The recipients of the thank you included; Paul, hired by the original Mr. Metzger, 37 years ago, and fellow mechanics; Aaron, Isaac and Jordan along with cashiers; Terry, Andrew and Sara.
“I am incredibly proud of LAHS students and staff,” LAHS teacher, Lynn Ovaska said. “It’s a busy time of the year, everyone is working hard and in the thick of school, yet so many students gave straight from their own pockets to make sure the Metzger’s employees knew that we appreciated them.”
What started as a simple conversation between Ovaska and a group of international students, grew to involve DECA students, the SFE lunch crew and every classroom in the school.
The LAHS DECA Club took up the cause with teacher Ray Henderson wanting to be a part of wishing the Metzger’s employees well.
Henderson worked with students to learn all about the business and knew this was a chance to thank real world employees who are our neighbors. Students also wanted to provide an opportunity for the community to participate by setting up a Go fund me account in addition to the school project, which can be accessed here.
“Let’s hope by opening our hearts at LAHS,” Ovaska said, “others will help us with other kindness projects the rest of the year!”