LAHS Students Launch Atomic Landscapes

Los Alamos

To say that Los Alamos High School teacher Holly Phillips is proud of her students would be an understatement. This week, Phillips, a work study teacher was proud to announce that two of her pupils have taken the skills they have acquired to launch their own business.

Leo Marquez and James Larranaga have created Atomic Landscapes, which can be found on Facebook as they spring into business this month.

“I’m really proud of Leo and James,” Phillips said. “These young men have worked hard to build their entrepreneurial skills while contributing to the community with a much needed business. They are reliable, trust worthy and concerned about client satisfaction.”

Phillips’ class helps students gain skills for employment. She meets students with whatever set of skills they arrive with and works with them to acquire more, learn how to apply for a job, create a resume and understand the basic rights and responsibilities of holding a volunteer or paying job. 

“Since children, we both grew up working with our fathers and experiencing the work field,” Marquez said. “After working individually on small summer jobs and just cleaning up the neighbor’s yard, we decided to make our own small business.”

According to Marquez, the Atomic Landscapers will do anything from small yard work jobs to bigger landscaping projects. They hope to grow in the community while attending school and perhaps one day even be recognized for work outside of Los Alamos.

“We learned a lot about business and the work field in our work study class,” Marquez said. “We also received lots of help and support from our teachers, especially Ms. Phillips who is always there encouraging us to stick to our goal and that anything is possible no matter how old you are.”

The boys would love any donations of old lawn equipment or tools and can be reached through social media or at 505.660.1818.