LAHS Students Hold Mock Election

From left, Los Alamos High School senior Nicholas Hill cast his ballot as “election workers” Isabelle Coons, senior, and Grace Montano, junior, participate in the LAHS Presidential Mock Election. Photo by Maire O’Neill
LAHS News:
President Barack Obama won the Presidential Mock Election at Los Alamos High School Tuesday, earning 51 percent of the student vote.
Gov. Mitt Romney received 37 percent, Gary Johnson 10 percent and Virgil Goode, Jill Stein and Ross Anderson received less than one percent each.
The election was organized by LAHS government teachers Michael Montano and Jon Frost. Two weeks ago their students began registering 722 out of the 1,104 (65.3 percent) member student body to vote.
Polls were open around campus from 7:30 a.m. until school started and reopened during passing periods, lunchtime and part of the after school academic period. Only those who registered to vote were allowed to participate.
According to Montano, of the 722 registrations completed, 98 were disqualified for lack of signatures or addresses, and incorrect or missing identification.
Some 20 students completed duplicate registrations. Party affiliation statistics differed greatly from the state percentages with 27 percent Democrat and 20 percent Republican compared to 48 percent and 32 percent respectively for the state.
Some 44 percent of students had no party affiliation compared with 18 percent for the state. Eight percent registered “other.”

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