LAHS NJROTC Shows Strong At Duke City Invitational

LAHS NJROTC Topper Company stands ready for the Unit Personnel Inspection. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC Female Color Guard Team demonstrates proper respect for American flag. Courtesy/NJROTC


The Los Alamos High School (LAHS) NJROTC competed Saturday, Nov. 20 at the Duke City Invitational Drill Meet at Del Norte High School in Albuquerque.

“The cadets of Topper Company were prepared and ready for this competition,” NJROTC instructor Chief Aron Ayers said. “Our unit hasn’t competed in almost two years so they were eager to get back out there and show what they can do.”

Topper Company’s unarmed regulation drill and female Physical Training (PT) teams both brought home 1st place. The unit got 2nd place in the personnel inspection and the male PT teams placed both 2nd and 3rd. Rebecca Moss, Tyson Lujan, Hayden Kim, Jackson Blair, Aleena Fullop and Andrew Johnson all walked away with individual PT awards, as well.

“We faced competition with 20 other JROTC units from around the state,” Chief Ayers said. “This was an inter-service competition, with units associated with all four branches. Topper Company had a strong showing and represented Los Alamos, LAHS and the Navy well.”

Individual awards:

  • Jackson Blair, 1st place, Male 800m Sprint
  • Hyunoo Kim, 2nd place, Male 800m Sprint
  • Tyson Lujan, 3rd place, Male 800m Sprint
  • Rebecca Moss, 2nd place, Female 800m Sprint
  • Rebecca Moss, 1st place, Female Sprint, Drag, Carry
  • Aleena Fullop, 3rd place, Female Sprint, Drag, Carry
  • Jackson Blair, 1st place, Male Sprint, Drag, Carry
  • Aleena Fullop, 2nd place, Female Standing Power Throw
  • Andrew Johnson, 1st place, Male Standing Power Throw
  • Jackson Blair, 3rd place, Male Standing Power Throw

Team awards:

  • Unarmed Regulation Drill Team, 1st place
  • Female Physical Training Team, 1st place
  • Unit Personnel Inspection, 2nd place
  • Male Physical Training Teams, 2nd & 3rd place

LAHS NJRTOC Unarmed Regulation Drill Team prepares to show results of their hard work. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC Male Color Guard Team moving with precision. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC PT teams perform in the Sprint, Drag and Carry competition. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC female PT team is recognized for their dominance, from left, Marissa Meierdierks, Aleena Fullop, Rebecca Moss and Alana Hinojosa. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC ale PT teams take both 2nd and 3rd places, from left, Kevin Lacy, Caleb Moss, Jackson Blair, Hyunoo Kim, Tyson Lujan, Andrew Johnson and Quinn Boyer. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC PT teams show off both team and individual awards, front row from left, Marissa Meierdierks and Aleena Fullop. Center row from left, Quinn Boyer, Jackson Blair, Rebecca Moss, Kevin Lacy, Alana Hinojosa and Tyson Lujan. Back row from left, Hyunoo Kim, Andrew Johnson and Caleb Moss. Courtesy/NJROTC

LAHS NJROTC Topper Company with the fruits of their labors, front row from left, Jackson Blair, Tyler Cardenas, Marissa Meierdierks, Jenny Stafford, Tyson Lujan, Quinn Boyer, Stephanie Peters, Cathryn De Wulf, Aleena Fullop, Adam Deherrera and Rebecca Moss. Center row from left, Joshua Danforth, Owen Oviedo, Samantha Nash and Jaceena Hornberger, Back row from left, Patrick Baker, Arthur Yarotski, Hyunoo Kim, Caleb Moss, Kevin Lacy, Samson O’Sullivan, Andrew Johnson, Emma Drake, Alana Hinojosa and Yuridia Perez. Courtesy/ NJROTC 

LAHS NJROTC Unarmed Regulation Drill Team takes the top prize, front row from left, Cathryn De Wulf and Jaceena Hornberger. Back row from left, Tyler Cardenas, Alana Hinojosa, Arthur Yarotski, Owen Oviedo, Emma Drake, Andrew Johnson and Joshua Danforth. Not pictured: Patrick Baker. Courtesy/NJROTC