LAHS NJROTC Brings Home Awards From Colorado

Los Alamos High School NJROTC cadets display the awards they won Jan. 27 at the Area 13 Drill Meet in Widefield, Colo. Front row from left, Echo Rogers, Vincent Maestas, Isaac Vasquez, Hailey Jackson, Kiera Wisdom, Tanner Peterson,Stephen Gulley and Jacob Thompson. Back row from left, Richard Thompson, Austin Estrada, Alex Tuning, Aria Schmierer, Andrea Soto, Caden Cionek, Phoenix Rogers, Jonathan Danforth, James Bourget, Kaden Lim, Jacob Torrez, Stanley Platero and Cmdr. Brian Gauck. Courtesy photo



Twenty cadets from Los Alamos High School NJROTC traveled to Widefield, Colo. to compete Jan. 27 in the Area 13 Drill Meet where they achieved high awards for their best efforts in drill, academics and physical fitness.

C/LTJG Jacob Thompson said LAHS competed against teams from throughout Southern Colorado including Montrose Navy JROTC, Fountain-Fort Carson Army JROTC, Mesa Ridge Navy JROTC and Widefield Navy JROTC.

The weekend began with a special tour of the United States Air Force Academy where Vice-Wing Commander Cadet Colonel Hoyer and Cadets Jack Smith and Griffin Gluck led the LAHS cadets on a guided a tour, which didn’t stop at the Visitors Center. Cadets got a glimpse inside of the lifestyle of Academy cadets as they toured dorms, saw the USAFA Silent Drill Team practice, and heard the large organ in the cadet chapel.

Cadet PO3 Kaden Lim said he thought all the hard work during practices had paid off.

“I thought that we worked really hard coming up to this drill meet and it turned out great for us,” he said.

The first event of the Drill Meet was the academic exam in which cadets were tested on a wide variety of topics from historic space operations to nautical terms. LAHS placed third in this event. Cadets then performed their Armed and Unarmed Exhibition routines, incorporating creative routines involving rifle and other drill movements, which earned them second place in Armed Exhibition and first place in Unarmed Exhibition.

The female Color Guard team of Echo Rogers, Andrea Soto, Hailey Jackson and Aria Schmierer placed third overall. The male Color Guard team of Austin Estrada, Richard Thompson, Caden Lim and Tanner Peterson placed second. All LAHS cadets participated in the personnel inspection where cadets’ uniforms were inspected for cleanliness, correct placement of ribbons and devices, and the cadets were asked questions about the Navy or current events. LAHS placed second in this category.

The Armed and Unarmed regulation teams competed with the Armed Regulation team placing third overall. Finally, LAHS competed in the physical fitness competition and placed in the pushups and sit-ups sections of the event. The last two sections of the physical fitness competition were two 1600 meter relays.

“This drill meet represented the cumulation of large efforts of many cadets, our parents and our Senior Naval Science Instructor Cmdr. Brian Gauck,” Thompson said. “It has provided confidence and promises competence coming into the rest of the drill season.”