LAHS Key Club Participates In ‘Single Service Project Day’ Filling Gabion Baskets At County Landfill

Some 36 Key Club members spent the club’s annual ‘Single Service Project Day’ Saturday, Oct. 27, working at the Los Alamos County Landfill. They spent almost three hours filling ‘gabion baskets’ with recycled glass and fastening the baskets together into a long line designed to prevent soil erosion at the top of a hill. Later, County Environmental Services Manager Angelica Gurule sent an email to Kiwanis youth liaisons Morrie Pongratz and Don Casperson complimenting the young people and their work. ‘The students were terrific to work with. We actually ran out of glass and left a few unfinished gabion baskets. If the students are interested, it would be nice to schedule another day to fill more gabion baskets. Thank you for the opportunity to work with Key Club,’ she said. The Key Clubbers were joined at the Landfill by five Kiwanis members conducting their own ‘Kiwanis One Day’ including Don Casperson, Cheryl Pongratz, John Arrowsmith, Ann Hayes and Pat Soran. Los Alamos High School science teacher and faculty advisor to Key Club, Kathy Boerigter, also participated. Casperson took this photo of the young people hard at work. Photo by Don Casperson