LAHS Key Club Holds Rummage Sale to Combat Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus

A previous rummage sale in the LAHS Speech Theater. Courtesy photo

LAHS News:

Each day about 160 newborns die from tetanus, a painful disease that causes excruciating convulsions and is contracted during unhygienic childbirth practices. Tetanus is a highly preventable disease that has virtually disappeared from the industrialized world, but it continues to affect mothers and their babies in developing countries. With The Eliminate Project, Kiwanis and Key Club have joined forces with UNICEF to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus.

This Saturday from 9 to noon at the LAHS Speech Theater the LAHS Key Club is holding a rummage sale to raise money for The Eliminate Project. Folks can bring items to donate to the LAHS Speech Theater after 3 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7. Everyone is then invited to the rummage sale this Saturday. The LAHS Speech Theater is in the same wing of the high school as Griffith Gym.