LAHS Key Club Hears Famine To Feast Presentation

Famine to Feast lead volunteer Tonya Sprouse-Mullins gives a presentation Thursday to members of the LAHS Key Club. Photo by Morris Pongratz


Tonya Sprouse-Mullins presented a talk Thursday about the local nonprofit Famine to Feast to the Los Alamos High School Key Club.

“I was so honored and excited to give the presentation to the Key Club,” she said. “I went in expecting a small group of kids and once the meeting started it was a packed classroom and standing room only. As I began the presentation, I asked the kids how many of them had heard of Famine to Feast and was excited to see the number of hands that went up. After giving the presentation, I asked how many of them would like to get involved with Famine to Feast and the entire room raised their hands. At that point, I knew we were in the right place, getting our youth involved is an amazing step in the right direction.”

Famine to Feast co-founder Jaret McDonald thanked Sprouse-Mullins for serving as the nonprofit’s lead volunteer.

“We feel incredibly lucky to have Tonya … she has done so much to promote this organization,” McDonald said. “We also want to thank Sara Shiina of the LAHS Key Club for reaching out to Famine to Feast and allowing us the opportunity to make a presentation. We cannot wait to see what these bright students come up with!”