LAHS Instructor Promotes Driver Safety

A poster created by Scott Pomeroy’s class to educate about the dangers of drunk driving. Photo by Bernadette Lauritzen

Prevention Specialist, Los Alamos Public Schools

Los Alamos High School driver’s education instructor Scott Pomeroy has probably seen and heard it all. Each semester, Pomeroy works with students who are about to get behind the wheel, for their very first time.

As part of his course curriculum, he covers the basics and imparts real life wisdom about situations throughout the term and addresses issues that today’s parents, would never have dreamed of.

“I have learned that texting and driving is like closing your eyes for five to nine seconds,” tenth grade student Connor Mang said. “When you make that decision, you aren’t only putting yourself in danger.”

For Pomeroy, the students also become the teachers as year after year, the youth create educational posters hung in school hallways to educate students. Pomeroy then delivers the posters to local restaurants and bars to carry the message to the masses.

“I like how it gave out a message to everyone in high school and then was delivered to community venues to educate restaurant and bar patrons,” Liandra Maestas said.

Later in the semester, the students work in teams to deliver messages to the class about drinking and driving. The students do joint research, make presentations and perform skits all of which provide in depth information.

Pomeroy, who has been with Los Alamos Public Schools for 12 years, starting out as an auto shop instructional assistant, now serves as the auto shop teacher and has served as the driver’s education instructor for nine years.