LAHS Graduate Manny Martinez Is E-Commerce Supervisor At Smith’s Marketplace

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LAPS News:
Manuelito “Manny” Martinez attended Los Alamos Public Schools, graduating as a Topper in 2008 and now is employed with Smith’s Marketplace since they opened in 2014 and now serves as the E-Commerce Supervisor.
Martinez oversees the Smith’s Clicklist program, which allows you to shop from the convenience of your home or office, pull up to the store and have a friendly team member load your car and send you on your way. One stop shopping without ever having to walk the aisles, being tempted to make unexpected purchases or stand in a line with three opportunities to try it at no extra cost.
“Our Goal is to make shopping the easiest errand of your day,” Martinez said. “Place your order on your lunch break and pick up on the way home, save time and shop online.”
The Clicklist program is a service that allows customers to shop and pay on-line up to three days in advance or four hours ahead of time, collect your items and be on your way. Several benefits include additional coupons offered to Clicklist customers, a friendly, specially trained staff that selects your items, awaits your arrival and places them in your vehicle to get you on your way in top speed.
“Place a small order, a few grocery items, some produce and meat, there is no min order and let us show you how easy it can be and the quality of product you will get,” Martinez said. “The first 3 orders do not incur a service charge, so it’s free to give us a try as well. The biggest worry I hear from customers is about their refrigerated/frozen items, once your items are selected they are kept at proper temperatures in a refrigerator or freezer until you arrive.” Plus there is no limit on the size of the order.
Martinez has heard a lot of praise about their program, which began in November. The noteworthy comments come from moms with new babies that would like to avoid large crowds, the ease of the website, courtesy of staff and cost savings.
The on-line shopping experience allows you to allow or decline substitutions, in case an item is out of stock. It could be the same item in a different size or a brand change if your choice was unavailable. The added benefit for a case of a substitution, is that you would never pay a higher cost.
“If you get an 18-count egg instead of a dozen, we price adjust the eggs to the dozen price. We will always make the closest substitution possible to what you ordered, but if you want something specific you always have the option to select no substitute for that item.”
Martinez can reached at 505.661.2757 or
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