LAHS Girls Golf Achieves Every Goal Set

Members of the Los Alamos Hilltopper girls golf team with their coaches after winning the district championship earlier this month. Courtesy photo
By Mike Lippiatt
LAHS Girls Golf Coach

Well, we didn’t quite throw the numbers up on the board that we had hope to but no teams really did. The weather, especially the second day, was absolutely brutal with high winds and very cold temps.

Tuesday morning our first tee-time was 7:50 and it was snowing … snowing in Albuquerque on May 13. That was something nobody thought would happen but we brought our rain suits just in case and were very happy we did.

Every August, when the golf season begins, we sit down and set goals for the season and create a vision board that pertains to what we can do, and what relates, to us achieving the goals we set.

Here’s the goals we set: Everyone improves by  5 to 10 shots, earn at least four state qualifying legs, win district and finish in the top five at state.

We earned six team qualifying legs and 13 individual legs, we won district and we came in fifth place at state. Our highest qualifying score was a 394 and our lowest was a 357 – that is a 37 stroke difference, which computes to an average of 7.4 shots per player, and that falls with our goal of everyone improving by 5 to 10 shots during the season.

All that being said, we achieved every goal we set last August!

It was a very fun season and our successes were amazing. Our 2013/2014 Hilltopper girls golf team is a great bunch of people who have proven themselves on and off the golf course. I am a very fortunate individual to have had the opportunity to be a part of this team and share a year of my life with them.

We have three girls moving on to new chapters in their lives and they will be sorely missed by us all.

Faith Koh will be going to France for a year in an exchange program (but we will see Faith back for her senior year);

Team captain Bri Sanderson will be graduating and moving on to NMSU; and

Team captain Emma Haines also will be graduating and moving on to California State, Monterey Bay. Emma has been invited to fill the walk-on position for the Cal State, Monterey Bay girls golf team.

Here are the results of the 2014 NMAA Girl’s 4A State Championship Golf Tournament:


1) 331-353—684
   Deming HS Girls (+108)
   Becky Gallosa 102-101–203
   Cassy Barba 86-99–185
   Darian Zachek 74-75–149
   Linda Cisneros 97-96–193
   Shelby Turner 74-83–157
2) 344-369—713
    Alb. Academy Girls (+137)
    Alexa Paez 87-102–189
    Alexis Nelson 85-88–173
    Blythe Johnston 105-102–207
    Katie Allen 84-91–175
    Megan Williams 88-88–176
3) 381-383—764
   Kirtland Central HS Girls (+188)
   Aubri Blueeyes 98-100–198
   Darmika Frank 86-87–173
   Hope Tsosie 102-102–204
   Judith Camacho 98-118–216
   Kyla Jones 99-94–193
4) 385-389—774
    Goddard HS Girls (+198)
    Clair Willden 103-93–196
    Danika Gomillion 98-96–194
    Haley Cain 104-99–203
    Mariah Sandoval 95-113–208
    Sara Cain 89-101–190
5) 392-400—792
    Los Alamos HS Girls (+216)
    Bri Sanderson 114-126–240
    Emily Johnson 109-103–212
    Emma Haines 90-95–185
    Faith Koh 98-93–191
   Jennifer Necker 95-109–204
6) 381-417—798
    Artesia HS Girls (+222)
    Aspen Brewer 102-111–213
    Brooke Johnson 88-92–180
    Joli Smith 97-114–211
    Kami Frost 94-101–195
    Teagan Archer 125-113–238
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