LAHS Freshman Parent Night Thursday

LAHS News:
Freshman Parent Night begins at 6 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 14 at Topper Freshman Academy/Los Alamos High School in the Speech Theater.
“Freshman year is all about changes, which lead to a lot of questions,” explained Jill Gonzales, Topper Freshman Academy principal. “Freshman Parent Night is a great opportunity to get answers to any lingering questions parents may have about the transition to Topper Freshman Academy and high school.” 
Michelle Harrison, Topper Freshman Academy counselor, will also be on hand to offer more information.
Topics to be covered at Freshmen Parent Night will include details about Topper Freshmen Academy, academic support, personal and social connections, student and parent resources, college and career preparation, and graduation requirements. The Speech Theater is located behind the IMC (school library).
For more information about Freshmen Parent Night, please contact the TFA Office at 663.2537.