LAHS Fabrics Class Creates Blankets For Homeless

LAHS Fabrics Class students from left, Genevieve Triplett, Iliana Mendez, Kristin Valdez and Hannah Stafford show off their fleece blankets for the Homeless Family Shelter children. Courtesy/LAPS

LAHS Fabrics Craft students are busy cutting and sewing the fleece fabric to make blankets for the CFYD children. Courtesy/LAPS

LAPS News:

The students in Rebecca Jones’ Fabrics Class are making fleece blankets to take to the Homeless Family Shelter in Santa Fe. They also will take fleece blankets to the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD).

The goal is for each student to make three blankets between now and December so they will have 45 blankets to donate.

Jones and her husband Tyler run a small non-profit called Firefighter Charities. Their mission is to meet the immediate needs of people (especially children) in Northern New Mexico. Their website is

“The idea came from my husband who works for the Santa Fe City Fire Department,” Jones said. “He told me the homeless shelter in Santa Fe for women and children would love to get blankets that children could keep. Because when children go into foster care or are staying at the shelter, they usually can’t take their things with them.”

When Jones presented the idea to her Fabric Crafts class, they were very excited to help. Her Child Development class also got involved in this project.

“They came into the room last week and saw all of the fleece and jumped right in making blankets as well,” Jones said. “We do quite a few projects where the finished product is something that they make for themselves. I’m happy that my students are so excited to produce something for someone else.”