LAHS Alumni Invited To XQ: Super School Proposal Discussion & New Teen Center Tour Dec. 30

LAPS News:
WE NEED YOU … your work, unbridled thinking, and bold ideas can make all the difference. Join XQ: The Super School proposal discussion and tour of the new Teen Center.
We invite all LAHS Alumni to participate in the XQ: Super School Project process at the Los Alamos Teen Center 6-9 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 30.
Teen Center invites LAHS Alumni to stop by at 5 p.m. to start with food and explore the new Teen Center. The XQ discussion begins at 6 p.m.

The XQ: The Super School Project mission is to fuel a movement to reimagine high school. In the last 100 years, America has gone from a Model T to a Tesla and from a switchboard to a smartphone. We believe American ingenuity can and must move education forward. The Los Alamos community may have the solution. This a challenge, open to all, to build the Super Schools that will lead the way.

XQ is innovative and relevant learning for a rapidly changing future. Together we can harness America’s collective imagination and find the courage, creativity, and audacity to create a new kind of educational system, one that meets the needs of students and the demands of life in a global economy of ideas and innovation.


Using student voices and experiences, we will anchor your work, explore the landscape of education, and the realities of Los Alamos.


Use what you know and discover with students to design a Super School that makes Los Alamos High School even better than today.


Map out a formidable plan for turning our Super School idea into reality.

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