LADOC: Canine Search & Rescue Talk Tonight

Joan Rogers and her search and rescue dog Clancy. Courtesy/LADOC
Los Alamos Dog Obedience Club presents a free talk at 6:30 today on Canine Search and Rescue.  
Mountain Canine Corps Search and Rescue  members Joan Rogers and Marsha Falco will discuss how search and rescue dogs are selected and trained. They also will provide a demonstration of their dogs working a search.  
Mountain Canine Corps is a nonprofit search and rescue (SAR) organization composed of all volunteers. Their mission is the training and fielding of search dogs and personnel to help locate missing persons. The group’s focus primarily on training for and participating in SAR missions in the wilderness setting.
Dogs have an amazing physiology that is optimized for scent work. Dogs have millions of more receptors in their nose than humans and a larger portion of their brain is dedicated to processing scent signals. They use their keen sense of smell from birth.
This sense allows dogs to “see” back in time, which is extremely beneficial in a search. A tracking/trailing dog, for example, can use scent to “see” the previous presence of a missing subject and the direction they traveled.  
What do clothespins, satellites and helicopters have in common? They are all items used in training dogs for search and rescue work.
Attend this evening’s talk and learn more about training SAR dogs and see them in action.
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