Kraz-E-Dave and His Scientists Dazzle Aspen Students

Kraz-E-Dave and his team of scientists entertained students at Aspen Elementary School last week. Courtesy photo

LAPS News:

Students at Aspen Elementary School were both entertained and educated at an assembly last week presented by Kraz-E-Dave and his team of scientists.

A skateboard ride in the name of science by one of Kraz-E-Dave’s team. Courtesy photo

Students were treated to numerous demonstrations of physics principles using props from vacuum tubes to liquid nitrogen, ordinary balloons and bicycle wheels. It was an afternoon of fun, laughter, and love of learning for all involved.

The program was presented free of charge by the Emily L. Bradley Fund. Emily was a Los Alamos Public Schools teacher for many years and her daughters established the fund to offer opportunities to sixth grade students to discover their aptitudes and develop their potential.

Dave Schwellenbach (Kraz-E-Dave) and his team all work as scientists and engineers at National Security Technologies in Los Alamos and take time off work to do these presentations because they love sharing the excitement of science with students.