Korean Company In Los Alamos Offers Products Combining Ancient Wisdom With High Tech Know-How

Lien Cui-Pruett shows off Atomy products at Chamberfest June 8 on Central Avenue. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com

Los Alamos Daily Post


“Just look at my skin!” Lian Cui-Pruett of Los Alamos said happily. “Two years ago I was using really expensive top-of-the line skin products and they were not helping. I was talking to a Korean friend and she told me about a Korean company called Atomy that sold herb-based products that combined Chinese medicine with scientific methods.”

Cui-Pruett tried the skin care line and was delighted with the results.

“Everyone noticed the difference in my skin, even my 14-year-old son!” she said.
Soon she was not only using the skin care line, but taking Atomy herbal supplements and even drinking Atomy instant coffee!

“The products speak for themselves,” Cui-Pruett said.

These days, Cui-Pruett is spreading the word to everyone she encounters and urging them to get in touch with her and try the products for themselves.

Cui-Pruett grew up in China but is of Korean descent. She was a medical doctor in China, but unable to practice in the U.S., became a radiology technician. These days, she devotes her time to her family and to spreading the word about Atomy.  

Atomy had unusual beginnings. HemoHIM, their first product was developed by the R&D and technology of the food and biotechnology team of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Cui-Pruett said. It took eight years as a national project. Atomy is now the commercial distributor.

HemoHIM was originally designed to deal with radiation and toxic chemicals causing health problems for scientists and other workers involved with atomic energy. HemoHIM was created for immune system recovery. It is composed of three herbs (Angelicam gigas Nakai, Cnidium offinale Makino, and Peaonia japonica) that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, Cui-Pruett said.

“HemoHIM strengthens your immune system and helps your body form fresh blood cells and hemoglobin,” she said.

Since taxpayers paid for its development with their tax money, the Korean government wanted to make sure the price was affordable, Cui-Pruett said. Atomy pledged to keep prices low and has followed this model for their other products.

Since 2009, Atomy has continued to add a wide array of products to its line. Skincare products were among the first added.

The magic of the skin care line is in its manufacture as well as its ingredients, Cui-Pruett said. High purification technology, fermentation technology and fresh herb extraction technology are used to prepare the herbs. The molecule encapsulation technique developed by the Korean bio-tech firm Kolmar helps with absorption and insolates materials from the elements.

Cui-Pruett can order products and function as a distributor for Atomy products, or set up customers so that they can order from the website and schedule home delivery.

“It’s a happy company,” Cui-Pruett said, adding that, “there’s no pressure to buy and no advertising. And the prices are really affordable!”

To learn all about the products and try them yourself, contact Cui-Pruett at 505.570.0092 or lotusflower922@live.com. Cui-Pruett is so enthusiastic about the skin products, she might even give you a facial! Visit Atomy online at atomy.com/us.

Atomy’s skin care and make-up products on display at Chamberfest 2019. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com