Kiwanis Club Of Los Alamos Funds Another Season Of Family Nights At The Nature Center

Melissa Mackey teaches kids how to roast marshmallows, make musical instruments, and share stories around the campfire the second Tuesday of the month. Courtesy photo
PEEC News:
Thanks to the generosity of the Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos, families can continue to enjoy free, monthly family nights with Melissa Mackey at the Los Alamos Nature Center.
Family nights are 5:30 p.m., the second Tuesday of every month and feature games, songs, stories and more.
Linda Daly, head of the Boys’ and Girls’ Committee of the Kiwanis Club, says, “The Boys and Girls Committee of Kiwanis is excited once again to help support a wonderful program!”
This summer’s campfire programs were especially fun. A parent told Mackey, “I didn’t grow up in America and I am roasting my very first marshmallow right now. Thank you!”
Many kids make fond memories and treasure what they create at family night. Another parent shared that after a musical-instrument making session, her daughter slept with the drums she had made at family night.
Parent Katie Nelson says, “The Family Nights have provided a wonderful hands on educational experience for my son and me. They feed his curiosity about the world around him and he will reference things he learned and experienced at family night long after the event. I’ve also learned a great deal—and remembered some long forgotten earth science lessons!”