Kiwanis Club Launches 2019 See’s Candies Drive

Kiwanis Club of Los Alamos

Kiwanis Treasurer Cindy Eaton says a lot of people have asked the question: Is Kiwanis going to sell those nice boxes of candy from California again this year?

The answer is yes!

Eaton, coordinator for the Los Alamos Kiwanis Club 2019 See’s Candies Drive, confirmed in a recent interview that she has, in fact, been preparing order forms and getting ready for holiday sales for many days now.

And, she said, anyone who gets an order in by Nov. 20 can be assured of having delivery in time for Christmas.

There are several ways to order this year. One way is to find a Kiwanis member who has order forms and is selling candy.

In addition, however, potential customers may go to Bennett’s Fine Jewelry to order. The store has pictures of the various boxes available, and, once the order arrives, the customer may pick it up at the store.

Eaton said the first candy delivery will be on Nov. 22, and, “Candy will be available for pick-up after Nov. 24”.

“I ordered what we sold last year plus a little more,” she said. “If sales go well, I’ll place another order in late November to be delivered mid-December.”

She added that this year, “We will be selling at the Arts & Crafts Fair at Los Alamos Middle School on Nov. 23; at Enterprise Bank and Trust on Dec. 13; at Del Norte Credit Union in Los Alamos at a date still to be determined; and also at Del Norte Credit Union in Santa Fe at a date still to be determined.”

Sometimes quantities available do run low—especially when the holidays are approaching. It’s a good idea to order as early as possible.

Questions? Orders? Eaton herself can be reached at 505.470-1675 or at .

Assortments available range from two-pound boxes “delivered in seasonal wraps” ($42) to “Mini Snowflake Assortments,” which weigh just 4 oz. and cost $7.50.

Fans say that these candies offer a sweetly delicious option for holiday presents, while raising money for Kiwanis projects ranging from scholarships to the support of affiliated youth groups (K-Kids, Builders Club and Key Club).

The candy company itself has an interesting history. Canadian chocolate salesman Charles A. See moved to Los Angeles and started the company in 1921, using the recipes of his mother, Mary See, who believed in cooking with “only the very best ingredients.” During the Depression, when many candy stores went out of business, See’s stayed with its policy of using top-of-the line ingredients and offered discounts for volume purchases. In 1931, the  company even built “Mary See’s Sunlit Candy Studio”, drawing crowds of people who came to watch the candy-making through plate-glass windows.

In the years that followed, the company continued to thrive and grow.

In 1972, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger bought the firm; it became part of the Berkshire Hathaway empire; and today, it is said, Buffet eats See’s Candies every year while speaking to the shareholders.

The company has more than 200 stores in American—and even one in Hong Kong.

The bottom line? Eaton said, the candy tastes “really good.”

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