Kiwanians And Key Clubbers Clean Up Los Alamos

Working together to beautify the community during last week’s Clean Up Los Alamos Day, from left, Kiwanians Morrie Pongratz, Don Casperson, Cheryl Pongratz, Roger Stutz and Bob Carlos and LAHS Key Clubbers Adeline Feng and Brian Han. Photo by Betsy Hemphill


Los Alamos Kiwanians and Los Alamos High School Key Clubbers turned out Saturday morning, April 24, for  Clean Up Los Alamos Day to pick up trash at Entrance Park (formerly known as Sunrise Kiwanis Park).

There wasn’t much trash at the park so several Kiwanians went across N.M. 502 and picked up trash on the south side.

The other Kiwanians and Key Clubbers went to Los Alamos High School to pick up trash.