Kindness From Neighbors Overwhelms Los Alamos Family

The late Bob Meade listens to his neighbor Cyler Conrad play the bagpipes for him. Courtesy/Meade Family

Cyler Conrad plays the bagpipes for his neighbor Bob Meade. Courtesy/Meade Family 

Los Alamos

So many acts of kindness go unheralded. This one needs heralding! 

Days before our 90-year-old Dad, (Bob Meade) died, a beautiful moment occurred thanks to two  neighbors. One we’ve known forever, and one we had never met. 

My brother Dan, and longtime neighbor Terry Dubois (Mills) heard something extraordinary when they  stepped outside on Thanksgiving Day. Someone was playing bagpipes. The echo off the canyon walls  was amazing!

They clapped, shouted for more and tried to figure out where it was coming from. Terry walked around the neighborhood until she found Cyler Conrad. Cyler and Terry formed an instant friendship.

For many years Terry and her family have been amazing neighbors. She knew Dad wasn’t feeling great,  so she asked Cyler if he would play for him knowing bagpipes were one of Dad’s favorites.

Cyler didn’t hesitate.

In April, Bob had a surprise waiting for him outside in the front yard. On the sidewalk stood Cyler with his bagpipes. Dad broke into a huge smile. Cyler played and played and Dad enjoyed every minute.

Other neighbors came outside to listen. It was beautiful.

Cyler started playing bagpipes when he was in 3rd grade. He went to a Scottish Black Watch concert in  1998 and decided then and there he wanted to play bagpipes.

Cyler and his wife Hannah Van Vlack moved to Los Alamos in 2019 by way of Washington, California,  Albuquerque then Santa Fe.

How fortunate that Cyler’s and Hannah’s path eventually led them here to create this amazing moment for Dad.

We are so privileged to have the Dubois family and Cyler and Hannah as neighbors. Our family will be forever grateful for this kindness so generously given to our Dad. Thank you Cyler! Thank you Terry!

Bagpipe player Cyler Conrad in 2005. Courtesy/Meade Family